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Top tips for hosting a summer event

Top tips for hosting a summer event
9th June 2016 Event Essex
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Whether you’re planning a large-scale conference or a small-scale training day, we have some top tips for hosting your event this summer.

1. Refreshments!

Making sure you provide refreshments for your event is a very important aspect when it comes to event planning. Whatever the weather, you should always aim to provide some refreshments for your guests, such as a buffet lunch for a conference or some drinks and canapes at an exhibition. With summer in full swing, it’s essential to provide enough drinks for your guests to keep them hydrated and to retain high levels of concentration. It is a scientifically-proven fact that dehydration can cause a lack of concentration and tiredness – a room of sleepy delegates is not ideal!

2. Temperature

Temperature is an important factor to get right for your conference or event. Like dehydration, being too warm can cause discomfort and sleepiness. However, a room blasting out ice cold aircon will leave your guests equally distracted (and shivering!) Ensuring the temperature is comfortable will put both you and your guests at ease, and will remove another potential distraction.

3. Breaks

If you are planning an all-day conference or a long training session, breaks are a good idea. Even having a ten minute break will enhance your guests’ concentration, allowing them to return refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. With the sun shining outside, it also gives your guests a chance to stretch their legs and soak up some vitamin D, rather than staring longingly out of the window!

4. Venue

Last but by no means least; take in to account your venue and the facilities on offer. Does the venue have a courtyard or garden in case it is a nice day? Our new Essex Business School has a stunning courtyard and indoor garden, which is perfect for summer events and conferences. Does the venue have air-conditioning or some form of ventilation? It is also handy to see if the venue offers a catering service to provide refreshments, instead of having to order via an external company. Take a look at our in-house catering service available.