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How to choose the right training space

How to choose the right training space
4th February 2016 Event Essex
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Planning a training day can be a task in itself, especially when it comes to selecting a venue and finding the right training space to hire. We’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you plan a successful, memorable training session.


Room size and layout

It’s important to get the right format in order for your training day to run smoothly. Ensuring your room has enough space for the number of trainees is imperative, there’s nothing worse than cramming everyone into a smaller room as your attendees will soon lose focus – comfort is key.

The layout of the room can have an effect on productivity and concentration. Make sure the layout reflects the type of training event you are hosting, checking that you have enough space for your trainers to present effectively. If your training session requires computer work, ensure you have booked a computer lab with enough machines for everyone. Our training rooms are ideal for computer training sessions.

Lakeview room

AV and IT equipment

Before booking your venue, make sure you know of any technical requirements such as projectors, a laptop or an interactive whiteboard. Your chosen venue should be able to provide you with any audio-visual equipment you require with sufficient notice, along with Wi-Fi as standard. Audio-visual aids such as presentations and imagery can be incredibly useful to keep your attendees engaged.


Break-out areas

Preparing break-out activities and tasks can add a new dynamic to your training day. Listening, note-taking or working on a computer for a prolonged amount of time can cause trainees to lose interest, so mix things up to keep them on their toes! Break-out sessions can be great for keeping everyone engaged, as well as allowing your trainees to put some of the points they have been learning in to practice, for example, quizzes, tasks, group work, problem solving and idea generation.

Ensure your training space has multiple rooms or break-out areas for these types of tasks as well as one main room for your training session. Break-out areas should provide space for group work and collaboration.


Last but not least, keep your trainees focused and engaged with regular refreshment breaks. Training sessions are often intense and involve a lot of concentration, so make sure you break the day up and keep everyone hydrated! Tea and coffee breaks or a buffet lunch would be suitable for this type of event, for example, we offer a range of catering facilities at Event Essex, including hot or cold buffets and refreshments.

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