How to make your corporate event stand out

How to make your corporate event stand out
16th November 2018 Event Essex
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Stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to planning your next corporate event? We’re here to help you break free of predictable agendas, bland catering and uninspiring event spaces – here’s how:

The Internal meeting

Many overlook the importance of planning when it comes to internal meetings. Yes, these meetings attract a smaller number of attendees, however, it is important to put as much effort into them as you would with a conference or all-hands (or full staff) meeting.

So how can we help you make your organisations next internal meeting less of a chore and more of an occasion for your staff to take some time away from their desks and interact with colleagues? Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Keep your meeting short and focused as possible
  • Make your content relatable to everyday business by using examples or case studies your staff will be able to engage with and learn something from.
  • Surprise your staff by hiring in entertainers, life coaches or motivational speakers to spruce up your agenda.

Launches a new campaign or product?

The launch of a new product or campaign needs to leave your audience wanting more. You want attendees to leave your event excited to purchase, invest or promote your company’s new product or campaign. How to create a buzz around your event:

  • Integrate the latest trending technology such as Virtual Reality. Steer away from the tired PowerPoint presentation by creating an interesting virtual reality tour or your new product. Not only will you instantly capture the attention of your guests but you will create an experience which allows your staff or speakers the opportunity to engage and connect with the audience.
  • Create an ‘instagrammable’ theme for your event that will have your guest posting up a storm on social media. Your theme sets the tone for your whole event so ignite the attention of your potential investors by pulling out all the stops to make your event stand apart from your competitors.

Conferences & exhibitions

Once you make the decision to host a conference or exhibition, your companies name and reputation will be associated with the final product so a lot of thought needs to go into how you can achieve the event that represents all that your business has to offer.

  • Find event speakers that will appeal to various different audiences. The right line-up can create a great atmosphere among your guests as soon as they walk through your doors. Remember conference-goers are willing to travel far and wide if they think the speakers are worth it.
  • Provide investing in merchandise that stands out. It’s no secret that people love freebies but often at conferences, we end up collecting the same branded canvas bags and pens. Get creative with your gift; create something useful that people actually want.