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How to choose the perfect venue for your training event

How to choose the perfect venue for your training event
30th August 2019 Event Essex

If you’re looking to run a training event for your team then finding the perfect venue can be a difficult task. From location to AV to food options, a day away from the office needs to be worth it for your team.


How many members of your team will be attending your training day? As well as considering the number of guests for capacity you will also want to think about the sort of session you are running. For seminar style training you will want to make sure the venue can be arranged into clusters of tables where all delegates can be heard. However, if you are going for more of a lecture feel the room will need to be set out with one key focus area. Room capacity is also important when considering the feel of the day, do you want staff to be free to roam the room during the training or would you like a more personal approach?

AV facilities

The technical aspects of a venue can easily be overlooked when considering capacity and location; however, they should not be forgotten. A hard to read presentation can disinterest guests so make sure the venue you choose has large easy to read screens. Showing a video is a great way to get information across quickly and can break up speakers to keep a day flowing. Videos are also a memorable way to get key points across at a training event so are worth utilising.


Lunch is a great time for your guests to discuss what they have learnt so far. We would suggest a delivered buffet option to allow your guests to stay in the venue over lunchtime. Buffet options also allow guests to move freely around the room, which would allow for conversation on what they had learnt so far that day. Consider using your AV facilities to put up some talking points on your screens to help drive conversation at lunchtime whilst still allowing your guests to relax.

Event Essex offers a delivered catering service and the menus can be found online.


Along with lunch, a morning and afternoon refreshment break are important at a full-day event. Breaks allow your guests to have time to process what they’ve been taught so far, meaning they will be more focused on your session. It’s much better to have frequent breaks compared to trying to get your guests into taking in more knowledge by making the sessions longer. Short, frequent breaks will mean your guests will be more engaged overall compared to a longer, busier session, particularly when you are delivering important training.

Overall, a staff training day needs to have a venue that caters for the needs of the event. If you are unsure of what you will need for your training event then get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to suggest what we can provide. We offer a range of venues with full AV facilities set in beautiful parkland or close to the beach.